Sunday Brunch at Balaboosta

After a Saturday night display of gluttony and other drunken shenanigans, Kevin’s birthday weekend continues at Balaboosta on Sunday for a leisurely brunch. I must admit, it wasn’t our first choice, we tried to go to Caffe Falai for their delicious cornetto but their air-conditioning (or lackthereof) was a huge fail. After that, we walked to Rubirosa in hopes of getting their Eggs ‘Rubirosa’ (poached eggs/smashed meatballs/parmigiano hollandaise), again, the air-conditioning was not up to par.

eggs rubirosa

Eggs ‘Rubirosa’

We ended up at Balaboosta. And a good choice it was! I had the Shakshouka – so glad I ordered it! I had forgotten how much I love the combination of eggs and tomatoes. Balaboosta’s shashouka has the perfect balance of spice, cumin and tomato-y goodness. This is really THE dish to order here during brunch. I’m totally inspired to make this at home, just need to find a good recipe…