Lazy Sunday lunch at Osteria Morini

I’m a huge fan of Michael White’s restaurants, especially, Marea.  I tend to go to Osteria Morini a bit more just because it is easier to get a last minute reservation and it is in a more convenient location for me.

A perfect home-y Italian lunch on a gloomy, slushy Sunday:


To start, Polpettine – Morini’s perfect meatballs are made with prosciutto and mortadella and baked in tomato sauce.  Easily, my favorite meatballs in the city.

morini_raviolo morini_tag

Two pastas:

Raviolo (egg yolk, ricotta, and spinach filled pasta with mushrooms, brussels sprouts leaves and parmigiano) – a little bit too heavy on the ricotta but the mushroom based sauce was light and complemented the pasta well.

Tagliatelle (ragu antica, parmigiano) – so good!!!  The ragu was relatively light for a meat sauce, it was hearty but didn’t weigh you down, perfect way to start the a weekend day.

For those on a budget, Osteria Morini’s pasta can be had for $10 a pop on Mondays after 9pm (Industry Night).