Sushi at 15 East

On Saturday night, we made it into the city for dinner at 15 East.  Our usual go-to high-end sushi place is Sushi Yasuda, and for “everyday” sushi, Kanoyama is our spot.  We figure it was time to branch out to some new choices…

We booked relatively last minute, so was unable to secure a spot at the sushi and had to make do with a table.  While not ideal, I was ok with it.  However, what I was not happy with was fact that we had a 9pm reservation and we were not seated until 9:35pm.  I suppose it was probably due to the fact that earlier tables were running late due to potential travel conditions created by post snow storm clean up.

We started with two appetizers for the kitchen:

15East_risotto 15East_chawan

Lobster and Uni risotto ($32 – really a main course from the kitchen, but we ordered it as an appetizer to share).  This was delicious, uni was blended into the risotto which was studded with nubs of lobster meat.  There were also 4 tongues of uni resting on top of the risotto.  Creamy, rich, perfectly cooked risotto AND uni?  Of course, this was a winner!

Foie Gras Chawan Mushi – egg custard with mushroom black truffle amber sauce ($18).  This was very tasty as well, although I do think I prefer a more traditional chawan mushi that is more ‘clean’ tasting vs. rich tasting.  It was a successful dish, just not really how I like my chawan mushi.

As our main, we both ordered the sushi omakase and added two pieces of uni:

15East_sushi 15East_uni

The sushi omakase contains 10 pieces ($60) – our selection included chu-toro, tuna, kanpachi (first row, l-r); king salmon, tai, black perch, red snapper (second row, l-r); scallop, sweet shrimp, anago (last row, l-r).

The two kinds of uni available on Saturday night included Santa Barbara (left) and Hokkaido (right).

15 East’s sushi was very good and fresh, however, I think the experience would’ve been better had we been seated at the sushi bar. I still much prefer Sushi Yasuda’s rice.  I think 15 East’s rice is a served a touch too cold – perhaps that would not have been an issue at the bar.

Overall, a good meal – was not happy with having to wait for our table, but for the price, I think I prefer Sushi Yasuda.


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